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It has become almost a necessity for a school library to have a website of some sort, but having a blog is even better. Media Centers have really become the technological center of a school, and to keep up with the newest technologies for education is essential. These three Library Blogs demonstrate what a modern school Library should strive to be, and their blogs are great resources for any teacher or librarian to use as reference.

Mrs. Lodge’s Library

Mrs. Lodge’s Library blog has been up and running since January of 2012. Mrs. Lodge is a librarian in an elementary school in Massachusetts, and the purpose of her blog is to invite people from around the world to have an inside look as to what goes on inside her school library. She uses the blog to post information about the many centers she has in her library, and she does an excellent job about giving credit where credit is due. She is an active user of Pinterest, and she has a link to her Pinterest account on the blog. Pinterest is an excellent place to find ideas for media centers, and she is open about many of her ideas coming from it. Mrs. Lodge’s blog is a great place to find ideas to use in your own media center, and she posts about how the teachers, administrators, and students react to the different ideas that she implements. One of her blogs,, goes over a few of the apps she uses in her centers. It is definitely an example of great information that her blog provides.

Life in the Library

Denise Borck is the media specialist at William James Middle School in Georgia. She has been in the education field for over 20 years, and she has been a media specialist for 15 years. She loves books and technology, and it is obvious from her blog that she takes her role in the technology field very seriously. I love that her blog is neat, clean, and easy to read, and the information she provides is useful and honest. My favorite portion of her blog are the book reviews.  In my future blog as a media specialist I believe that having book reviews will be essential. I haven’t seen many book reviews from the other blogs I have visited, and it really does make sense to provide students with opinions regarding books. The library was first and foremost the place to gain a love of reading! Here is a link to one of her blog posts about the media center’s book club:

The Unquiet Librarian

The title of this blog, “The Unquiet Librarian” caught my attention right away. Media Centers are no longer the places where everyone must be extremely quiet. They have become technology centers for many schools, and reading isn’t the only thing taking place in a 21st century school library. The Unquiet Librarian is the school librarian for Norcross High School in Georgia. Her blog includes the many activities that her library has, and she is honest about how well each activity works or doesn’t work. Her blog includes cool charts and lesson plans, and she asked for feedback from those librarians who read her blog. This blog,, is a great example of how active she is with her students, her blogs, and their works, and she even uses video as an extra way of getting her points across.



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3 responses to “Library Blogs

  1. Your library blogs provide a lot of useful information. As a practicing librarian/media specialist, I like the idea of student book reviews as you mentioned in your review of Denise Borck’s blog. The student reviewed books provide information in kid speak language. I also think children are more critical of books than adults. Although, I plan to have some of my fifth graders review books next school, it never dawned on me to create a blog for it. Great work on finding and reviewing the library blogs.


  2. I absolutely love Mrs. Lodge’s Library blog! What great center ideas that would work well for classroom centers too! I like the picture at the top of your blog and the simple design that is easy to follow. Now that I have learned about blogging, I also think a blog is better than a website, because of their versatility. While I understand the importance of technology in libraries, I love how Life in the Library includes book reviews. Books are still the overall main focus of libraries. With all the talk of technology today, I am afraid that sometimes books seem to be taking a back seat. I agree book reviews are “essential.”


  3. I didn’t include library blogs on my posts for this assignment so it’s nice to see some suggestions of great library blogs. I enjoyed looking at Ms. Borck’s blog and reading some of the student reviewed books. When I become a media specialist this is something that I am planning on doing. I think it’s important for students to review books and what better way than to have them do it on a blog? The Unquiet Librarian blog is wonderful! As you stated in your review reading is not the only activity happening in the library anymore. This blog demonstrates how the library has changed into a learning center. The librarian is doing awesome research activities for her students who, from the videos, look like they are fully engaged. I bet the work she is doing in her library with her students has an effect on the work they are doing in their classrooms.
    One suggestion I have, which was something one suggested to me, is to have your links open in a different window. I went back to changed mine earlier and I found that it’s easier to toggle between the links and the blog. It’s not very hard, you just have to check a box.
    Great job on your blog! I really enjoyed learning about some library blogs and being exposed to some different classroom blogs as well.


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